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Data centre

Our data centre is a state-of-art, 50,000 square foot, Tier 3+ aligned facility that covers 4 data halls. Specialist security staff and server engineers are based at the site 24/7/365 to ensure your data has the utmost protection around it and services are always performing smoothly. The infrastructure is constantly monitored by a comprehensive system that alerts engineers within one minute of an issue being identified.

  • Fire protection – full emergency detection system in place to instantly extinguish fire in the very unlikely scenario of a fire flaring
  • Power – configured to give two independent power feeds for redundancy and multiple diesel generators in place for emergency provision in the very unlikely event of a power failure
  • Temperature control – optimum temperature and humidity levels maintained at all times to retain data integrity

A range of multiple Tier 1 providers supply our transit, coupled with a large peering presence of both LINX LANs and LONAP. A powerful Juniper MX platform interconnects our sites whilst our access network is a combination of Juniper QFX virtual chassis fabrics and Juniper EX series virtual chassis to ensure maximum levels of availability. To provide the required levels of resiliency and bandwidth, every rack inside our QFX based access network has numerous 10Gbps uplinks.

Our UK data centre